Ron Caines / Gus Garside / James Parsons - The Verdict July 25th 2018

Ron Caines / Gus Garside / James Parsons - The Verdict July 25th 2018

Ron Caines / Gus Garside / Monty Oxymoron / Andrew Greaves at Safehouse Brighton

Ron Caines / Emily Powell / VV / JayBee at Safehouse Brighton

Ron Caines / Al Strachan / Simon Mclennan - Safehouse April 2018

Ron Caines / Kev Moore / Z*qhygoem / Annie at Safehouse Brighton

Ron Caines, Gus Garside and James Parsons, at The Verdict, Brighton, November 3rd 2016

Ron Caines and I'm Dr Buoyant, at Green Door Store, Brighton, December 2016

West Hill Blast Quartet at The Verdict, Brighton, February 24th 2016

Safehouse session with Ron Caines, Monty Oxymoron, Jay Bee and Charlie Kew, Jan 4th 2016

Safehouse Wildcard, with Ron Caines, Rachel Cohen, Somin McLennon and Andrew Greaves., Jan 27th 2016

Ron Caines and Alice Eldridge, Rothko Veil album launch at Spirit of Gravity, Green Door Store, Brighton, October 2015

I'm Dr Buoyant with Ron Caines, at The Scope, April 2015

Oxjam at Safehouse: Ron Caines, VV, Z*qhygoem, Iain Paxon, October 2014

TR Agency with Ron Caines, October 2014

Playing at Safehouse at the Coach House, with Lisa Jayne, Z*qhygoem and Carolina Diaz

With Monty Oxymoron, Al Strachan and Z*qhygoem at the Mopomoso tour

Broken Star at the Blind Tiger, 2012:

Ron with Alasdair Willis, Gus Garside and Monty Oxymoron at Safehouse Brighton:

Ron with Gus Garside, Andy Pyne and Dan Spicer, at Brighton Poetry Festival, 2012:

Ron with Al Strachan, Tom Del Rio, Andrew Greaves and Clive Craske at a Garden Gadabout, Brighton, June 2012:

Ron solo at the Coach House, Brighton, 2012:

Ron with Gus Garside and Tony Gill, Brighton Safehouse, 2012:

Ron with I'm Dr Bouyant, Safehouse, Brighton, January 2012:

Ron with Jon Butcher at Safehouse, December 2011:

East of Eden live at Paris Olympia 1970: